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Get the latest techniques used by security researchers and bug bounty hunters and build new high-income pentesting skills.

What Will You Get From This Book?

All the recent techniques used by ethical hackers to carry out a thorough penetration test and security audit for modern web applications in a practical, hands-on approach.

Pentester Field Approach

Written from a pentester and bug bounty hunter perspective, with many practical use-cases. Trust me, you'll never look at application security the same way.

Unique Training Methodology

Each topic starts with simple explanation of the vulnerability, then relates it to examples of bug bounties and pentesting engagements to help you understand each topic better.

Cut-to-the-Chase Belief

Many books are overly technical, with hundreds of pages per section and no real-world examples. With this book, you can master the principles, techniques, and skills you need and improve your strengths by adopting the most effective techniques used today.

Chapters we've covered

Penetration testing and bug bounty hunting are required to understand the latest web threats in the wild. Learng hacking modern web applications by using advanced techniques such as manually identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities.

Chapter 1 Deserialization Attacks

Chapter 2 Type Juggling Attacks

Chapter 3 NoSQL Databases

Chapter 4 API Hacking GraphQL

Chapter 5 Misconfigured Cloud Storage

Chapter 6 Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)

Chapter 7 Application Logic

Chapter 8 Attacking JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Chapter 9 AND 10 Attacking SAML & OAuth 2.0 Flows

Who This Book Is For

If you don't like web pentesting, this book is not for you. Period.

Web Software Developers

Learn how to write more secure code, and avoid common misconfigurations and weaknesses. Spot logical flaws before your application it goes to production.

Pentesters / Security Analysts

Gain better web skills and expand the scope of your customers' engagements by increasing your value as a security professional.

Red / Blue / Purple Team Members

Get a better understanding and dive deep into the underlying concepts beneath pentesting tools used today.

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About the author

Maor Tal

I'm a security researcher with more than seven years' experience in penetration testing for major global financial institutions and leading high-tech companies. My core areas of expertise include web and mobile penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, and red-team engagements.

My passion is to share my knowledge about penetration testing to help security professionals their skills and get them to think outside the box.

Reach me via Linkedin

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Frequently Asked Questions

This book was intended for those are already beyond beginner-level in OWASP TOP10 vulnerabilities, and those with some experience with any programming language. If you are a professional pentester or bug bounty hunter, this book will empower and strengthen your web pentesting skills.
The only difference between security professionals and security researchers is their skills. The book was designed in such way that it will measurably increase your skills and provide the best ROI for your learning time.
The book is currently sold as a digital copy, without DRM. If you prefer the touch of a print book, drop me a message and I will send you a link to buy a hardcopy.
If you already have any prior experience with web hacking, this book will be perfect for you. Otherwise, I recommend that before you buy this book, you should grab one of the thousands of hacking books on the market that start with the basics.
Not yet, but I'm currently working on a dedicated lab for my students. More details soon!
The book cost has a minimum price of $19.99. Using LeanPub, you can pay ONLY $19.99 (excluding taxes if applicable) – or more, it's up to you!